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… to The Serenity Golf Hotel Kathu!


Holiday is the best time of the year. Especially when we travel to far countries, our expectations are higher as otherwise. Explore something great, adventures, different cultures, new faces, simply break out the daily routine, which bothers us the rest of the year!


The Serenity Golf Hotel is a place of meeting new people, but simultaneously a place of quietness and peace. It doesn’t matter if you like to play Golf, enjoy sunbathing, love to hiking or cycle, are addicted to watersports or if you are just a lounger, here you will find everything what you are looking for and a lot more, this is our promise. We are proud to say, that everybody who visited us one time, will return!


Our motto is: “Every guest will leave The Serenity Golf Hotel at one time, but The Serenity will never leave our guests”.